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Live your life to the Max! Protecting ourselves from the uncontrollable is a necessity. We often forget to think about what it would mean to our family and loved ones if we were unable to perform our daily living activities.



Protect Your Loved Ones 24/7! It is important that we always protect our loved ones. No matter the situation, they always come first. Beacon Insurance has been a Trusted Advisor for businesses and families for over 30 years. Our years of experience have granted us with the wealth and knowledge to create a customized program that suits your needs.

The elegant way to use your corporation to pay for your future. Finally, a way to create true pension plans using your corporation to get on par with teachers and civil servants when it comes to generating retirement income. Do you have family working in the business? It gets even better…

Employee Benefits has evolved and it’s about time. Traditional benefits and full consulting services are ideal for groups with 50+ lives. If your business is 10 lives or less, controlling your costs from year to year is critical. That is where BenefitsMyWay comes into the picture. Like a bespoke suit, Beacon Insurance tailor’s your benefits to get exactly what you need.

Additional information and links that Beacon Insurance uses to support your business plan.

Medical science and technology are keeping us alive – but they can kill us financially.


“People often apply & buy basic insurance solutions but when they need more – it’s usually when they can’t get it”.

Fortunately, Beacon Insurance’s client Mark and Sheila chose the solution while they were healthy.

Rick Mamros, CEA

Beacon Insurance

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