The 80’s were fun…

The 80’s were fun…but you’re all grown up now

As a member of Generation X, you were born between 1965 and 1980. It was a great time to be young. Perhaps you had a garage band or maybe you flash danced your way through every weekend at clubs. But that was then. You’ve since traded in your grunge gear for a designer suit…or at least clothes without holes and pins. Now you have a respectable job and a family and with both of these comes responsibility.

So much to do…so little money

That’s a common complaint with Generation X. At this point in your life you have a lot of expenses and your income is still in the process of building to your lifetime potential. At this point you are probably starting a family, or thinking about starting one. You may be looking at purchasing your first house and, if you’ve started that family, then you know how important it is to put a little something away for junior’s education and your retirement. So where does life insurance fit in?

Protection for today…and for tomorrow

Life insurance should not be thought of as an expense. It is more like an investment in the security of your future and the future of your family. If something were to happen to you, would your family be able to continue to pay expenses like a mortgage or save for post-secondary education?
Like most Gen Xers, you know that your family would be in financial trouble within a few months if you were no longer around.1 But what are you doing about this? If something were to happen to you, life insurance can provide your family with a tax-free, lump sum to replace the loss of your income. This lump sum can help your family meet their financial obligations such as a mortgage and it can also help pay for everyday necessities like food and clothing.

But where do you start? And who can you trust?

An Advisor is here to help

If you’re like most Canadians, then you understand the value of life insurance. But you probably would benefit from some expertise about what type of insurance is best for you and how much coverage you really need. That’s where a professional advisor can help. An advisor can work with you, whatever your budget, to help you provide the best protection for your family.