Safeguard your Lifestyle

Safeguard all that you’ve achieved

When you have a family, it’s natural to associate many of your accomplishments with the quality of life you help provide for them. The family home you cherish. Vacations you’ll remember always. The future you are building through regular investments for your children’s education and your retirement. But what would happen to all that if you were to pass away?

Protecting your family’s lifestyle

With adequate life insurance, you can help ensure your family’s financial security. Your spouse will have the financial means to support the family, keep making education savings contributions every year, and save for retirement.
The policy’s death benefit is payable tax-free to your family when they are your designated beneficiaries. From the day you pay your very first premium, 100% of the insurance benefit is available for your family in the event of your passing.

Making your protection more robust

When you have critical illness insurance as well, you add another layer of protection. It pays out a lump-sum benefit when you survive 30 days after diagnosis of a covered condition such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer. You could use the benefit to pay for medical expenses not covered by government health insurance, replace your income, or pay off your mortgage.